We tackle the technical, social and environmental challenges of the sector.


At TEPRO, we approach agriculture from an up-dated perspective, considering the digital and technological advances of the sector. We believe in research, development and innovation applied to the sector, favouring the adoption of new, cutting-edge techniques and tools.

This challenge of heading towards intelligent agriculture goes hand in hand with an awareness of sustainability. We seek to mitigate the negative effects on the environment, developing climate change adaptation strategies and promoting the efficient, rational and effective use of resources in agricultural production through the use of new technologies.


We establish and verify new prototypes, new crops and new technologies in the field.


We work to mitigate and adapt agriculture to climate change and its impact.

Green economy

Gestión Agrícola, trabajo de campo proyecto de I+D+i

We examine the feasibility of crops to contribute to the bio-economy and we promote the circular economy concept: to reduce consumables, re-use sub-products and recycle waste.


We are involved in innovative projects so as to be on the cutting edge of the management and production, following in the path of Intelligent Agriculture.