We improve productivity by optimizing processes and infrastructure


Our professional services range from the creation of conceptual technical documents (project, preliminary project, feasibility study, etc.), to the completion of works based on works management, technical assistance to promoters and developers and Health and Safety Coordination, on both national and international levels.

Of the main areas of activity that carried out in the company, the following are of special note:

Building and civil work

The advanced use of modelling software offers highly defined technical solutions that assist in.

Water and the Environment

Water is a scarce commodity that requires rational use and our solutions to provide strength and efficiency to improve the environment.

Agriculture and rural development

Our extensive experience in the sector permits us to develop the most demanding and sustainable technical solutions.

Energy and electrical installations

Thanks to renewable energy, we can offer efficient consumption solutions at the projected installations.

Our Engineering Department has its origin in the multitude of irrigation conversions and modernizations that took place in the decade of the 90 in the farms managed by TEPRO.

At the beginning of this century we extended our areas of activity to Civil Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering, and recently to Energy and electrical installations. We have a group of multidisciplinary technicians that responds dynamically to the new demands of the market.