We maximize the potential of every farm through a professionalized and sustainable management of resources, generating economies of scale and diversifying risks so as to optimize the profitability of crops.

Operations Farm management / Integration with the Agricultural Industry

We propose and manage integration projects between clients and the agri-food industry that generate and guarantee increased product value, a differentiated supply, quality and stability over time.

Since our beginnings, we have promoted the creation of commercial relationships through contracts with the processing industry, and over the years we have developed distinct production and sales agreements for distinct agricultural products such as the following:

  • Tomato production for the creation of concentrated, dehydrated and peeled products.
  • Onion production for dehydrated, mixed and freeze-dried products
  • Potato production for the creation of potato chips, frozen products and appetizers
  • Pumpkin production for dehydrated, salsas and pureed products
  • Sweet corn production for industrial cooking, canning and freezing.
  • Orange production for juices made from concentrate and natural juices.