A multidisciplinary work team that allows us to offer diverse consulting services


Our 40 years of experience in the agricultural and rural world allow us to offer our clients quality advising and services, providing them with a fundamental guide to their decision-making. Based on a globalized and modern perspective, our mission is to offer solid, quality personalized service throughout the project stages.

Our professionals ensure maximum rigour and professionalism in their analysis, planning and implementation of the required services. We carry out economic, social, environmental, feasibility and valuation studies as well as risk analyses and commercial proposals. We offer assessment to both public and private entities, foundatio


We have a varied portfolio of assets that adjusts to the profiles and needs of all sorts of clients.

Valuations and assessments

We offer asset plans and valuation and expert reports

Studies and reports

We are experienced as consultants in the multi-lateral institution and in the cooperation and development markets.


Through our professionalized management, investments in agricultural assets can reach mean profitability indices of between 3 and 5% annually.



Component II of BIOFUEL ACTION PLAN implemented by the Ministry of Environment and financed by the IADB through the National Environment Fund of Peru. – Agricultural Analysis. – Industrial Analysis.

Feasibility studies and Business Plan for modernization of irrigation system of 500 hectaries of rice and annexed industrial processing facility in Medina Cherif. Kolda Department

Feasibility studies: economic, environmental and social assessments for modernization of irrigation system and annexed agro-industrial facilities. Business Plan: including costs and investments estimates and possibility of financial plans

Eurotech Point Nigeria Ltd

Training Program Design and Technical Assistance for a greenhouse local workers

Pre-feasibility study for construction of silo storages in Northern Ghana through PPP

The Government of Ghana received funding from the International Development Association (IDA) and USAID for the implementation of the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP). The project included the Pre-Feasibility Analysis

Consultancy services and technical management assessment for a new rice farm of 4000 hectares in the Senegal river valley

The EIB jointly with the AfDB, is financing a 4,000 ha rice cultivation project with a processing plant of 8 ton/hour capacity sponsored by a private company in Senegal river

Feasibility study for a large-scale rice processing & cultivation with out-growers scheme in Nigeria

Newland Mills Ltd. intends to expand his business by promoting a Large Scale Rice Processing facility with its own rice cultivation land. The Project concept considers a rice processing unit